What our students have to say about us

A) I liked how clearly the required information was presented. B) I appreciated the informal "stories" that expanded on that information. C) The Q&A portions were very informative. By the time the class was over I had a firm understanding of the seriousness of deciding to carry. It was an eye opener.

-- W.S.

Enjoyed the personalized experience, especially the tips on proper grips. Also the scenarios that were explained were an eye opener.

-- R.C.

The course was the right length and was taught in a very clear and concise way with plenty of time and opportunity for questions and discussion.

-- R.D.

Thank you for the excellent class today. I left the class feeling more informed and comfortable with the subject than I expected I would going in. You do a fine job teaching and answering questions.

-- I.L.

I personally felt you are a very approachable instructor and made a point to thoroughly answer all questions and made sure we understood the answers. The scenarios where helpful and the common sense practice situation advice was helpful (the how would i react if...)

-- T.B.

Class discussion was greatly appreciated. Dan is very knowledgeable and teaches the law, not opinion. He is very easy to understand and I already have 3 people that are interested in using his knowledge to carry responsibly and lawfully. The class is well put together and does not require any further material than what is provided. The law is the law and Dan teaches it well.

-- J.G.

I enjoyed scenarios and talking through them. I liked how the instructor gave us the letter of the law, but then gave us the opportunity to apply it to a situation.

-- L.S.

The instructor, Dan, covered many issues that are relevant to the concealed carry experience. I'm not sure many of the same issues would have been taught in a different class. He answered all questions asked and did so in detail. He's a very thorough instructor. I would highly recommend this course. When you leave, you will definitely know the laws of concealed carry.

-- D.S.

It was good to recieve the additional coaching on the pistol range concerning grip and stance. I felt the coaching was done well and presented professionally.

-- D.O.

I felt that for the length of time spent in the course, everything was covered pretty well. Like you said, you can go into different scenarios, the specifics of the laws, and different types of firearms, safeties, and how to carry for pretty close to an unlimited amount of time. I felt what needed to be covered was covered, and what didn't necessarily need to be covered, was still brought up to some extent. (2 of 2)

-- N.Z.

I thought the shooting qualification was well thought out and did a great job at showing competency in shooting a firearm. It isn't especially tough, but does a great job of showing ability to safely handle a firearm and "properly" shoot it as well. I also found the basic information on the general guidelines of when you might or might not be advised to use the weapon helpful. You did a great job at covering the more gray areas in use of deadly force. I also liked that you didn't preach that 9x19 or some other cartridge is a bare minimum for carry, and said to shoot what you can comfortably. (1 of 2)

-- N.Z.

I like the shooting competency section as Dan spent a little more time with the students who don't shoot as much. Also relating personal experience or that of others in the class will help the new carry candidates.

-- M.P.

I really appreciated the one on one interaction. The instructor brought a great deal of experience and research to the instruction, and was able to successfully answer my questions.

-- W.L.

Good scenarios, makes you think about what your getting into by having a permit. Clear direction, stayed on point fairly well....avoiding "bunny trails".

-- B.M.

The class was very detailed there was materials involved that I had no idea would be covered. I felt very prepared at the end of the class that all areas were covered.

-- T.M.

Exceptionally well done and personalized presentation. Dan was a very knowledgeable instructor. He provided resources for necessary information . At the end of the class he expressed his willingness to answer any current or future questions that you may have. I definately recommend the class!

-- J.R.

I felt the explanation of escalation of force was spot on. You gave several alternatives to use instead of deadly force and several examples such as tactical flashlights. I have never thought of defense against a dog, well done.

-- J.L.

The presentation had real world examples, and questions were fielded on the fly which broke up the length of the material.

-- D.M.

I enjoyed everything about the class. I've had a permit nearly 10 years and things were brought up that I hadn't thought about for a while.

-- M.F.

The class I was in was smaller so the information was covered and discussed well. Dan was very easy to understand and knowledgeable about the information covered.

-- J.D.

The instructor took the time to answer all questions and explain everything thoroughly. I also like how the instructor would wait for all students to be present. Even if only one student was taking a quick bathroom break. This is good so that no one would miss any information the instructor was providing. A gun is a dangerous tool and for me I feel that everyone who considers getting a Permit to Carry should not miss any information during the course.

-- T.M.

A lot of real world examples, that helped us to understand the importance of being safe and smart while carrying firearm.

-- P.D.

I liked the real world situations that were covered. You never know when or how things get started, and it is good to have some situations to discuss so that we will have other people's views on them. It is always a good idea to look from other perspectives, and see other outcomes they might have experienced, good bad or otherwise. I feel that you gave us a very good basic coverage of the rights and responsibilities of of responsible gun ownership...

-- R.T.

Information was presented in an easy to understand format. Questions were well answered and showed Dan is a very knowledgeable instructor.

-- G.K.

I thought that a lot of the "do's and don'ts" of carrying a concealed weapon were covered very well. I came out of the class with a new respect for what all is involved in carrying and situations that might come up while carrying. I appreciated your experience and how you taught the class. I would absolutely refer you to anyone else looking to take the class.

-- M.N.

The handouts were well done and thought out. It was nice to be handed a copy of the state form (Permit to Carry application - ed). I also appreciate the way Dan worked with each student as an individual with different instructional needs. Great class, I'm glad I took it.

-- H.A.

Dan was very knowledgeable and customized our class based on our experiences. He was very professional and the class was excellent.

-- E.G.

I liked that the material covered was needed info and not drawn out or info that wouldn't be remembered and drag class out longer than necessary. I also liked that additional info and resources are available on the website.

-- J.B.

Dan clearly makes it his priority that each student's question is answered. When a question is asked and Dan has responded he consitently would ask, "Did that answer your question?" That really stood out to me. While he did not intend the class to be a shooting class, or target improvement class, I found his answers to our questions to be very helpful. He does a good job at staying on task and yet respectfully and fully answering the inevitable questions that are perhaps a little outside the scope of his agenda. I felt at ease from the beginning, never intimidated etc., even though I do not have a significant depth of experience with handguns.

-- R.L.

Twelve round proficiency sufficient, conserving expensive, hard to find ammo. All questions were answered. No police/military B.S. utilized.

-- D.T.

Really liked that the structure of the course stayed on topics directly related to the carry permit without extraneous content. Appreciated the practical shooting qualification focused on safety and liked having that early in the course so the rest of the day was focused on discussion.

-- K.S.

The class was small which made asking questions easy. It was nice to get the shooting out of the way early in the class to focus on the discussion. Multiple senarios were provided with excellent recommendations on how to confront and deal with different encounters.

-- J.J.

Information was presented in a manner easy to understand.

-- C.J.

The Student Information Page (available after finishing the class) is a nice collection of helpful information. Use of Force concepts (when it's okay and not okay to use a handgun to defend yourself or others) was well done.

-- G.N.

Dan was able to go beyond the minimum requirements, and added a lot of practical knowledge. He was very informed on all matters legal and otherwise concerning the carrying of a handgun. His willingness to answer questions and his website, I'm sure, will provide a good resource in the future.

-- S.G.

Dan is an excellent instructor. He taught us all the required information in a friendly, relaxed environment. Especially beneficial was his use of real world examples to illustrate the curriculum.

-- P.M.

Dan was very interactive and presented the information in a concise and easy to follow manner. Class size was GREAT. Accommodations at the FLSC were pleasant. I already recommeded this class to a psychologist friend considering CCW. I drove 4-5 times the distance of my first class to pair up with my brother and was glad I did. I will gladly do the same drive next time if I need to as Dan outshown the first group I was with 5 years ago.

-- R.S.

Dan was a great instructor, all of my questions were answered with the confidence that I personally was looking for! The coarse outline was spot on with every topic that I had MANY questions on. Being the only person in class on that particular day, I was very pleased that Dan was still willing to hold that class. Many other's would have canceled. I have already recommended Long Shot Training to a few others and will continue recommending! Thanks Dan. (1 of 2)

-- J.A.

It's hard to find a negative to say, I was the only one attending on that day so all attention was directed toward my questions - most of which would've been answered if I had let Dan move to the next section of the outline! I think he's doing a great job. (2 of 2)

-- J.A.

Dan was very knowledgeable and professional and covered everything well.

-- P.B.

Dan was excellent, has very good knowledge, was extremely detailed and tailored the class to the capabilities of the individual. The class delivered way more than what was expected. The Bonus here was the depth of the logistics. Came out with a much improved understanding of "Permit to Carry" and its obligations.

-- R.D.

Dan was knowledgeable, answered all questions and the class had a good rhythm. I thought Dan did a great job of redirecting students when they made comments that weren't best for the spirit of the material. The class had a nice flow. Thanks Dan!

-- J.M.

Well organized, comprehensive course; succinctly presented.

-- E.D.

Dan explained the legal aspects specific to each issue in a clear and concise manner. Most of the explanations were then followed by one or more hypothetical situations that aided in the understanding and retention of the law. Where the law is not completely clear or when personal judgement plays into decision making, I felt that Dan promoted using intelligence, morality, and a high regard for our own individual rights in how we respond. He has, as much as is possible, thought through a variety of situations in preparation for the worst case scenario, and I will be following his lead.

-- M.M.

The Basic Permit to Carry / Concealed Carry License class was very informative. Dan gave thorough answers and explanations to the questions asked. He was willing to address a wide variety of questions, while also keeping the class on task. In sum, Dan went beyond my expectations in a positive and personal manner. In addition, his website allows me easy access to subjects of interest. I highly recommend contacting him for your instructional needs.

-- J.M.

Dan is very intuitive when it comes to the class, and he seemed to effortlessly tune the class to the level of our group of two shooters. His experienced demeanor and depth of knowledge was impressive, but what I especially appreciated was when he wasn't sure about an answer to a question he didn't pretend he knew it or shy away from it - we talked the options through. This thinking on your feet approach built confidence in the trainer and his presentation.

-- K.S.

Excellent focus on range safety, good facilities.

-- M.H.

The class was well organized, the notes were informative. We stayed on topic pretty well.

-- J.B.

Frank talk about what to expect if "something" should happen. You were very good about reinforcing that the P2C is just that - a permit to carry a handgun, NOT deputization.

-- M.F.

The smaller class size was great which gave more time for questions and almost like one on one training. Also the ideas of how to handle certain situations which I hadn't heard from a class with a different instructor.

-- G.H.

Small class size, you get personal attention, not like someone is speaking to an auditorium. Dan keeps it informal, low key and to the point. Actually enjoyed the entire class. I enjoyed the question and answer session with the other studends as they brought up questions I didn't think of then but would have thought of later.

-- K.G.

Dan seemed very knowledgeable about all the laws and how to handle different scenarios.

-- T.N.

Class was direct and to the point with great examples.

-- D.W.

Dan was very knowledgeable about the subject that he was teaching on and he was able to answer all my questions and also give hints on how to deal with different situations. Thanks.

-- W.V.

I enjoyed Dan, our instructor. He was very knowledgeable, my wife and I enjoyed listening to him and he made the class fun, not boring. We both are very glad we took the class with Dan and appreciate him very much. I'm not sure if there was anything that would need improving. I felt the class was very informative, I feel I have a very good understanding about carry laws and feel very comfortable with the knowledge Dan gave us.

-- K.M.

The course included extensive dialogue between class and instructor, not simply repeating what was written in a manual or textbook. Instructor was adament that you understood what was discussed. While keeping on subject, instructor included various examples of events and how their outcomes could vary. Instructor did include some of his personal opinions, but fully explained what his rationald was for those positions and how each of us could analyze the situations and come to our own conclusions.

-- D.L.

Dan is well read and trained on the P2C laws. He presented relevant, up to date information in a way that is easy to understand. He relates the information presented in the class to real life stories that he has read or heard about.

-- L.K.

I really enjoyed the amount of information from Dan, I learned a ton of stuff that I never knew. Dan was exceptionally informational on everything and then some. I would definitely go back there again.

-- J.N.

I really enjoyed the whole class. I what I liked most were the cautions provided by Dan about P2C restrictions and the need to be careful when exercising your right to carry. I also liked very much the respect shown for LEO's with regards to the job that they have to do vs. protecting yourself and your rights with any interaction with law enforcement.

-- P.S.

I felt very comfortable having an open conversation with Dan. He was very knowledgeable and gave me some great shooting tips.

-- W.P.

I really enjoyed on how in depth we discussed the laws and all of the examples that were given to demonstrate the laws.

-- J.M.

Both lecture and range were done very well.

-- J.M.

The class was deliberate and put topics into terms everyone can understand. The instructor made sure the students was clear on the current discussion before proceeding to the next segment. The instructor's knowledge was well demonstrated in both the current laws and the history and reasons behind any changes made through the legislature. This is my first time renewing my permit and I will definitely go back again.

-- J.C.